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3D CAD STP or SolidWorks models for most designs can be supplied upon request.

Seal designs for all temperature ranges between -200°C to 200°C depending upon the design and the o-ring compound selected. selected.
Click on below hermetic seal photos for design drawings

All PAVE hermetic seals are both pressure and vacuum rated in either pressure direction. Also, most of our hermetic seal wire or pin connectors are able to be rated and tested too much higher pressures or lower vacuum helium leak rates than what may be shown on the drawings.

  • PAVE Seal® Wire Harness
    Hermetic electrical feedthrough wire seals for Pressure And Vacuum Electronics from 1 to +500 wires, #4 AWG to #30 AWG, any type insulation including PTFE, ETFE, PVC and others for low or high pressures or vacuums, gas-tight, moisture-proof, sealed including through the conductor or insulation. See also limited selection of in-stock hermetic seals listed on our Pricelist

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  • Piston O-Ring Installation
    PAVE-Seal ® Wire harness piston o-ring installation animation shows the fast, simple and reliable hermetic seal installation into the bulkhead or barrier using standard internal or external retaining rings. No leakage through the feedthru cable insulation or conductors, even if stranded and/or shielded wires! Custom hermetic seal designs can be readily ordered. PAVE designs routinely replace glass to metal hermetic seals.

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  • PAVE-Mate® I
    PAVE-Mate® I hermetically sealed connectors have dual sided electrical disconnecting plugs on BOTH SIDES as double-sided or double-ended connectors with opposite gender contacts from each side from 2 - 128 contacts, #4 AWG - #22 AWG, USB, RJ45 Cat 5e Cat 6 Ethernet and firewire versions also with IP68 option. See also limited selection of in-stock hermetic seals listed on our Pricelist

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  • PAVE-Mate® II
    PAVE-Mate® II electrical hermetic circular connectors with a single side disconnect and either pre-wired and sealed insulated wire leads or solder cups on the other side. Signal or power currents passthrough. See also limited selection of in-stock hermetic seals listed on our Pricelist

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  • Hermetic DB Connectors
    D-Sub, Rectangular & Header Hermetic Connectors – Standard density #20 AWG contacts, high density #22 AWG, micro d #25 AWG & nano d-subminiature DB hermetic connectors, hermetic header connectors and other rectangular style connectors. Single or dual sided connectors from 9 to over 200 pins. Also available are coaxial and low cost thermocouple contact versions for pressure or vacuum, lightweight aluminum or plastic shells or laser weld aluminum flanges. See also limited selection of in-stock hermetic seals listed on our Pricelist

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  • Coaxial Seals
    Hermetically sealed coaxial or shielded cables of any type or PAVE-Mate® connector types with floating isolated shields for BNC, SHV, SMA, TRIAX/TWINAX, F, SMB, SMC Microdot, SMK, MDR & others. Also offer grounded housing shields and multi-pin coaxial PAVE-Mate® connectors, single or dual sided connections. Hermetic seal connector versions include 2.92mm and 1.0mm Ka-band high frequency seals for use up to 40 and 100 GHz. See also limited selection of in-stock hermetic seals on our Pricelist

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  • Thermocouple Seals
    Hermetic thermocouple feedthru seals for vacuum and pressure of any type of wire pairs or multi-pin thermocouple connectors.. All types available including K, T, J, E, N, RxSx with any insulation or wire length, FEP insulation is the most common. Wire conductor remains continuous through the hermetic seal for highest accuracy. Welded wire junctions can also be ordered. Hermetic dsub connector version also available. See also limited selection of in-stock hermetic seals on our Pricelist

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  • Fiber Optic Seals
    PAVE-Optic® feedthrough hermetic seals can be single and/or multi-mode optical fibers of any lengths or combination. Hermetic connector types such as SMA, ST, FCPC, etc for low or high pressures or vacuums are available. See in-stock hermetic seals listed on our Pricelist

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  • Threaded Cu Rod Hermetic
    Threaded copper or brass high current electric feedthrough terminals or studs hermetically sealed for 20 amps to 1000 amps service up to high voltages for pressure or vacuum, single or multiple terminal penetration seals. See also limited selection of in-stock hermetic seals listed on our Pricelist

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  • High-Voltage Hermetic Seals
    Any type High voltage wire or cable feedthrus up from 1-30 kV, single or multiple cables, with or without high voltage cable connectors. See SHV hermetic connector seal in stock on our Pricelist

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  • Solder Cup Pin Seals
    Hermetic electrical seals #20 AWG or smaller Pins on either one or both sides for low or high pressures and vacuum hermetic header seal in small diameter seals. See also limited selection of in-stock hermetic seals listed on our Pricelist

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  • PAVE-Flex®
    PAVE-Flex® is an insulated solid conductors flat cables or high conductor density Kapton® flex circuits hermetically sealed feedthru in low cost, space saving hermetic epoxy molded o-ring seals or laser welded aluminum housing designs that are both helium leak tight for low and high pressures and vacuums. Certain PAVE hermetic seal feedthroughs will also meet Telcordia GR-468-Core moisture and thermal endurance qualification testing.

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  • Explosion-proof Wire Seals
    Line bushings, conductor bushings Ex d sealing with electrical wire core cable seals or fiber optic including round or flat cables. Hazardous location and hermetic or air-tight or gas-tight or liquid-tight flame path block wire conduit sealing hubs fittings versions also available. Cable entries IECEx approvals.

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In-Stock or Quick Ship Hermetic Seals — Complete List


Quick ship hermetic seal connector listing, but not as quick as the PAVE hermetic feedthrough seals used in the USAF F-35 Lightning Joint Strike Fighter! For small quantities and quicker shipments, check out this limited selection listing of both wire and pin connector hermetic electrical and fiber optic feedthrough bulkhead seals that are either in stock or faster than normal shipments.

PAVE offers introductory answers to frequently asked questions about installation, designs, leak rates, and more. Can't find your answer to a question? Email us at Contact Us

  • Hermetic Electrical and Fiber Optic Bulkhead Connectors And Wire Seals

    Hermetic thru-bulkhead continuous stranded conductor electrical wire seals

    While default leak tests of 80 psi (5.5 bar) of no air/nitrogen bubbles visible or a high vacuum helium leak test are shown on most PAVE hermetic seal drawings, significantly higher pressure tests are usually available upon request for most designs to several hundred or more psi(bar) pressures. Certain designs can be tested as high as 10,000 psi (650 bar) or more!

    Regardless of the pressure differential amount whether low or high pressures, there will be NO detectable leakage of gases or fluids in any PAVE products, including those seals with stranded copper conductor wires and or shields that feed through the bulkhead using any type of wire insulation or wire lengths.

    PAVE hermetic seals are any type of insulated, stranded or solid plated copper conductors in any combination or lengths, copper or brass connector pin contacts or glass fiber optic cables of any type, all sealed for low or high pressures or vacuums, helium gas tight, moisture tight bulkhead seals available in unlimited wide range of combinations that can be easily customized for cost effective small or large quantities. Wire connector terminations can also be included for a complete, ready to use hermetically sealed thru-bulkhead wire connector harness.

    Please fax order and credit card info (NO emails with credit card info!) to +1 937 890 5165 or call +1 937 890 1100 x102 with card #, expiration date and CVD code on back of card. The shipping address must match credit card address, no exceptions.

    PAVE-Seal® and PAVE-Mate® and PAVE Technology Co® are the registered trademarks of PAVE Technology Co®

  • About PAVE Technology Company®

    2751 Thunderhawk Court ♦ Dayton, OH 45414 ♦ United States ♦ +1 (937) 890-1100 x103 ♦ +1 (937) 890-5165 (fax)

    PAVE Technology Co® was founded in 1980. Its wire and connector hermetic seals are used in a very wide range of industries for low or high pressures or vacuums requiring helium gas tight seals or IP67 to IP69 seals. PAVE products feed through a sealed bulkhead either electrical or fiber optic signals without any detectable leakage of gases or fluids. This complete leak tightness performance includes ends of any insulated, shielded or stranded copper conductor wire, cable and/or pins.

    "PAVE seals the quality in" for our customers by investing in employee training and advanced test and production equipment.

    PAVE Technology's Quality Assurance procedures and testing are certified to ISO 9001:2008. In addition, PAVE has enhanced its quality procedures to be NQA-1 compliant. PAVE Technology is also approved by numerous major aerospace, automotive, R & D Laboratories and other industrial corporations as a key supplier meeting quality, cost, and delivery issues.

    Helium leak detection with sensitivity to 2 x 10-11 cc/s (air equivalent) can be done at 1 atmosphere to 2,500 psi (170 bar) pressure differential. High pressure nitrogen bubble test or hydrostatic test fixtures from 90 psi (6 bar) to over 10k psi (700 bar) are also used to verify complete seal integrity, including cable end. Length of test may vary from 30 seconds (typical) to several hours or cycles, depending upon cable lengths, pressure, etc. 100% leak testing or statistical control is used with zero defects the goal.

    CAD is used to meld electrical and mechanical engineering into custom hermetic connectors for maximum design accuracy for our customers. AutoCAD® or 3D SolidWorks or IGS or pdf file formats can be exchanged via e-mail to more quickly produce new designs.

    Electrical testing using both DC and/or AC continuity and hypot testing is extensively used to assure electrical performance. Typical standards are up to 1,000 VDC with a minimum 500 megohm insulation resistance. Up to 30k VDC or 5k VAC hypot testing can be done. Where moisture or other conductive fluids may be present, the "wet" end of the PAVE-Seal housing with the wires bent over is tested immersed in a saltwater solution to assure long term performance. Computerized harness testers provide maximum reliability and cost effectiveness.

    Critical high vacuum components including hermetic PAVE-Seals can both be tested and vacuum degassed in the high vacuum chamber. It has vacuum capability to 10-6 Torr (mbar) with its cryopump and bake-out to 150° C.

    Where applicable, PAVE-Seals® can be subjected to thermal cycling between   -80° C to +200° C or thermal shock per military or commercial specifications prior to leak and electrical testing. Long term seal and electrical integrity has been established over years of developing seal technology. This is based on past and current customer field experiences and their wide range of pressures, temperatures and seal environments.

    Major customers include:

    Applied Biosystems
    Applied Materials
    Delphi Automotive
    Eaton Corp Auto/Aero
    Raytheon Company
    Alabama Power Corp
    Georgia Power Corp
    Lockheed Martin Corp
    Ford Motor Company
    ATK Corp
    BAE Corp
    Baker Hughes
    Beckman Instruments
    Emerson Corp
    Boeing Company
    Parker Corp
    Guidant Corp
    Cooper Power Systems
    General Electric Corp
    BOC Edwards Corp
    FEI Corp
    Crane Aerospace
    Continental Automotive
    Eclipse Aviation
    Defense Logistics Agcy
    Bi-Phase Technologies
    Exxon Mobile Corp
    General Dynamics Corp
    General Atomic Corp
    United Technologies
    US DOE R&D Labs
    Harris Corp
    HR Textron
    Sciaky Inc
    L3 Communications
    Gulfstream Aerospace
    Magneti Marelli
    Mercury Marine
    Northrup Grumman
    Phillips Corp
    Trayer Engineering
    Thiokol Corp
    Robert Bosch LLC
    MDS Sciex
    Daimler Mercedes
    Volvo, Kautex
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    Multiple Positions

    Skilled electrical assemblers, molding press operators and CNC machinists needed. Soldering experience, manual dexterity, and ability to read engineering drawings is required for assemblers epoxy potting and testing small electrical cable assemblies and connectors. Machinist should have experience in setting up jobs.

    Apply in person to fill out application in office lobby. Full benefits available including 401k profit share plan. An Equal Opportunity Employer. M/F


2751 Thunderhawk Court ♦ Dayton, OH 45414 ♦ United States ♦ +1 (937) 890-1100 x103 tech support ♦ +1 (937) 890-5165 (fax)

PAVE Technology Co.® is located 8 miles south of the Dayton Intl. Airport (DAY) and the nearby US Air Force Museum.