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3D CAD STP or SolidWorks models for most designs can be supplied upon request.
  • Explosion-Proof Wire Seals

    Higher leak test pressures are available upon request for most designs with leak testing with either nitrogen or helium, as the 80 psi or vacuum leak test or other pressure test value shown on many drawings is only a default leak test value and not usually a maximum pressure test rating which can be much higher. Most designs will also seal bi-directionally for either pressures or vacuums. Check with PAVE sales engineering to request higher pressure leak testing or pressure testing in opposite direction shown from the drawings. Cutting the wire length shorter has no effect on the seal integrity.

    Higher voltage testing is available upon request for most designs.

    Lower temperature ratings can be achieved in most cases by simply changing the o-ring compound to an o-ring with a lower operating temperature rating. Check with PAVE sales engineering or an o-ring supplier for recommended alternate o-ring compounds.

    Use your keyboard's shortcut ctrl+ F buttons to bring up your browser's find dialog box to then enter and go directly to a particular part-drawing #.


    Housing Specifications

    Installation Port
    or Size
    Wire Insulation Hermetic Seal Number of Wires AWG # PAVE Description Codes, Housing & Wires PART-DRAWING #
    M16 pvc ATEX Feedthru 4 22 M16-B-150-4-PC20-300-300mm ATEX 3352 *UL
    ½ NPT PTFE feedthru 4 22 PT8TF-SS-200-4-TEE22-24-2 3373
    1" PTFE feedthru 4   PTES31-SG-200-3/1-EE22/RG303 0765
    1" PTFE feedthru 7 22 ES31-SG-200-7-E22-24-51 0769
    Custom piston o-ring PTFE feedthru 7 28 FL0712-AL-150-7-EE24-8-24 EXP. PROOF 0710
    M24 pvc feedthru 8 20 M24-V-105-8-HARM20-6-5 1204
    1" NPT PTFE feedthru 8   PTES31-SG-200-6/2-EE22/RG303-X-Y 0771
    M24 pvc feedthru 12 20 M24-AL-150-12-HARM20-3-4 0840
    M24 pvc feedthru 12 20 M24-V-105-12-HAR20-6-5 1512
    1¼" NPT SOOW feedthru 12 14 PTN20-PS-200FR-CO9412-54-6 1137
    15mm piston seal PTFE feedthru ATEX 15 26 SPF9.5-E-200FR-3/12-EE22/26-16-16 ATEX 3749
    15mm piston seal PTFE feedthru ATEX 15 26 SPF8.5-E-200FR-3/12-PC22/26-13SR-12 3755
    M40 piston o-ring seal Kapton passthru 50 50 ATEX flex cable circuit seal 3684
      Kapton Polyamid piston o-ring   160 SP21.5-E-200FR-2-FLEX ATEX 3745
  • Explosion-Proof Wire Seals

    Most PAVE hermetic seals are bi-directional seals for vacuum or pressure.

    Line bushings with electrical cables, flex circuits or pin terminals for potentially explosive atmospheres for flameproof enclosures are available to ATEX, EEx d II and DIN EN 60079-0 specifications.

    Line bushings can either be threaded with NPT or metric threads or non-threaded push in type with a metal sleeve for flame path block securely locked in place with a retaining ring inserted into a groove.

    Line bushings can also be upgraded to exceed ATEX requirements to be a complete hermetic gas block seal with no detectable gas leakage anywhere thru the seal including the wire or core conductor stranding if so required by the customer.


  • Explosion Proof

  • Explosion-Proof

  • Explosion-Proof

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